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Halcyon Days
Halcyon Days
Halcyon Days

Halcyon Days
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Buttery & Nourishing



This tea is a throwback to a different age before “green oolong” was the status quo.  The long oxidation on this tea softens and rounds the natural bouquet while the light but skillful baking brings out characteristics reminiscent of a freshly baked loaf of country bread.

Notes: Fresh Toast, Grass-fed Butter, Dried Gardenias

100 grams (about 20 cups)

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Bagua Shan

Halcyon Days
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Buttery & Nourishing


The key feature that gives this Oolong tea it’s own personality is the long oxidization.  Using more time consuming methods this tea produced from the Four Springs Cultivar is given several extra hours to oxidize.  This long exposure subtly transforms the floral characteristics and softens the tannins.  After the fixing this tea is also given a slightly longer baking than its greener cousins.  The longer processing and different market demands make this style harder to find.

SanBolin is a little tea village sitting on the edge of the famed Bagua Shan. The local temple has carvings denoting all the steps to tea processing.

How to Prepare Oolong Teas

5 Grams

Put roughly one table spoon into infuser.

205° F

Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water.


Pour water over tea.

5 Min

Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

3 Steeps

Re-steep leaves to enjoy multiple infusions

We believe tea is more than just a beverage

At Monk Monk we are on a quest to bring you the most delicious teas from around the world. We believe in order to do that, we must care for the environment, invest in regenerative agriculture, and work with artisans at the pinnacle of their craft.

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