Call us crazy but at Mad Monk Tea we believe the evolution of tea is a movement toward the radically simple, where the tea leaf itself is the star of the show, not merely an ingredient added to a blend. The product of rich soil, exotic cultivars and expert craftsmanship, truly great tea offers flavours and nuances beyond imagination. Every cup of tea you drink can be an adventure: a delicious representation of the region, cultivar, and passion of the farmer.

The Difference

Regenerative Agriculture. We believe the best teas on earth are not only delicious but also grown in harmony with nature. We think the way to make agricultural products better is to invest in the earth that they grow from. At Mad Monk Tea our proprietary secrets are talented farmers and healthy soil. Every tea that you purchase from Mad Monk supports the movement away from the outdated degenerative farming practices and towards sustainable regenerative ones.

Single Origin Tea

We don’t add any flavorings to our tea. The tasting notes you see on the site and our packaging are there to highlight some of the amazing characteristics, body and subtle notes we find present in the teas. We offer these to highlight the truly amazing qualities available in a simple well crafted leaf. You may be surprised to find out tea can be every bit as complex, delicious and deeply satisfying as any fine wine, award winning coffee or wicked craft beer. Great tea is a true Craft and we are here to help you discover it in all of its beauty.

The History of Tea

For thousands of years the world has turned to tea as beautiful way to stay calm and awake. The lush tropical mountains of modern day Southwest China is the birthplace of all tea on earth. Nestled deep in the mythical forest of Shangri La the first tea plants could never have predicted the culture that they would inevitably spawn and spread across the world. The history of tea is an epic tale of art, culture, trade, espionage and adventure.

Asia is the patriarch of tea culture, and its best students are China, Japan and Taiwan. These three countries now stand on over five thousand years of cumulative wisdom on the art and science of tea. The artisanal skill hidden in these places is extraordinary. For them tea has alway been the star of the show, not merely an ingredient. Generation by generation they have been evolving their craft, cultivating and producing teas with flavors and nuances beyond imagination.


Since its conception Mad Monk Tea has been a values driven company, we focused on sharing the best product and giving people exceptional customer service.

Mad Monk Tea was born out of a passion for Artisanal, Craft products and love for sustainable agriculture. By the time he was 22 our founder had lived on 3 continents in 4 countries and traveled to countless more. During that pivotal time of exploration Taylor had to come to grips with both the immense beauty and the challenges of modern civilization. In 2009 he founded Mad Monk Tea. Drawing from powerful experiences working in the fine Wine industry in New Zealand and living and working on an organic Tea Farm in Hawaii he created Mad Monk with the mission of sharing the deep insights he gained for those intense and unforgettable experiences.