Mad Monk Tea

2016 Mountain Spirit Oolong



Soft and elegant are two words which come straight to mind when drinking this Oolong tea.  High elevation teas have a really special quality you have to taste. The light roasting brings out some of the body and deepens the great mineral character on this already classic varietal.

Notes: Soft flowers, Barley, Butter
Growers Notes:

A lot of skill and a little luck go into making this tasty treat.  Luckily, the mile-high elevation this tea grows at endows it with a softer and more comfortable quality than tea grown at a lower elevation.  The real skill comes early on in the production process where the tea maker gives the tea a more traditional long oxidation.  This further softens the leaf for the drinker. The light technical baking puts it over the top and makes this Oolong something really special.


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