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Organic Pear Mountain Oolong
Organic Pear Mountain Oolong
Organic Pear Mountain Oolong

Organic Pear Mountain Oolong
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Clean, Crisp & Refreshing



This Oolong tea is on par with the best Rieslings in the world. This organic Oolong is ultra mineral dense, with a citric quality to the tea, giving it a deep finish. Some adjectives to describe it are crisp, fresh, clean and elevating. 

Notes: Reisling, Crisp Pear, and Rain

50 grams (10-12 servings)

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Morning + Daytime

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Organic Pear Mountain Oolong
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Clean, Crisp & Refreshing


The most important thing in sourcing is finding a producer who understands soil fertility and is opposed to petrol chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Someone who shares the same values, people who care about people and the earth being healthy. Our partners in Li-Shan are nothing short of that, people, who are truly committed to the craft and preserving our precious earth. Through testing, we found that of the 450+ chemicals used in agriculture 0 were found in this tea. This is truly a product of love and beyond organic.

Li-Shan which translates in English as Pear Mountian is located literally in the heart of the Taiwanese Central Mountain range. This area is very sought after, because of its high elevation and amazing growing conditions.  

How to Prepare Oolong Teas

5 Grams

Put roughly one table spoon into infuser.

205° F

Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water.


Pour water over tea.

5 Min

Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

3 Steeps

Re-steep leaves to enjoy multiple infusions

We believe tea is more than just a beverage

At Monk Monk we are on a quest to bring you the most delicious teas from around the world. We believe in order to do that, we must care for the environment, invest in regenerative agriculture, and work with artisans at the pinnacle of their craft.

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