About Us



For the last 7 years Taylor has dedicated his life to sharing amazing tea with people. His journey has taken him across the sea to foreign lands, where bi-annually he hunts for exceptional teas in the backcountry of Asia. This has lead him to work extensively with great partners in the Cafe, Restaurant, Kombucha and Beer industries. Most importantly tea introduced him to extraordinary people, beautiful places and opened doors he could have never imaged. Taylor’s love is to make tea the best part of your day. He sees it as a powerful opportunity to appreciate something beautiful with friends and take care of the planet.

Taylor’s favorite thing to pair with tea is good company and dope beats.



Born in Texas but raised in sunny SoCal, Ryan considers himself a cowboy with a surfer mentality. While keeping it funky fresh on the daily, Ryan's heart lies in entrepreneurship and innovation. Learning from his extensive experience in the Real Estate sector, he knows that the only way to karate chop life is one judo kick at a time. Ryan brings 3 generations of world class insight and business savvy acumen to MMT. When he's not pouring tea, creating wormholes with logistical matrixes, or filing taxes, Ryan can be found wandering forests, lagoons, or mountains across this beautiful planet.

When asked how he got into the tea business Ryan’s most common response is “I got thirsty!”