Red Jade

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Elegant & Syrupy



This is one exotic masterpiece you must try.  A wild syrupy sweetness gives way to gentle malts a muscatel finish with a hint of wild mint.  This is a deep and elegant black tea is an ode to the seemingly endless possibilities hidden within this magical leaf.  

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Concord Grape, Mint

75 grams (about 15 cups)






expand your horizons 



Grown in Ruisui a remote town south of Hualien, Red Jade is a modern cultivar that showcases the both the incredible skill and the evolution of tea in Taiwan.  Our friend and producer of this tea A-Xiang grows some of the cleanest most sustainable tea we have ever tried, making this tea a win for your taste buds and the planet.  



Ruisui (pronounced Ray Shway), is one of Asia's best kept secrets, laid back and easygoing it is surrounded by intense natural beauty.  Let’s just say it has great Feng Shui!