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Meditation Teapot

Ever wish there was a stylish, practical way to brew fine teas without the hassle of more complicated or formal brewing techniques?  Meet the Meditation Pot, the perfect tool for brewing fine teas in a more casual way.  

The Meditation Pot is for those times when tea is not the main event, but just a good friend to keep you company.  Throw some tea in the pot and let it sit. No fancy brewing methods, just leaves and water in a good looking pot.  We call it the Mediation Pot because that's exactly what the leaves do, they sit calmly and relax for as long as you want them too.  

The Ritual:

1. Heat the pot with boiling water.  Just enough to warm up the clay.

2. Once your pot is warmed, pour the hot water from the pot into your cup(s) to heat them as well.  NOTE: Be sure to empty your cups of the warm water before serving your tea.

3. Add you favorite tea, between 10-15gm.  NOTE: This method is ideal for darker more oxidized teas like, Wild Mt. Red, and GABA Oolong.

4. Fill pot with water around 200* and let the tea sit for at least 1 min. 

5. Serve the desired amount of tea.  It is ideal to only empty the teapot about 2/3 of the way, leaving some tea for subsequent steeping. 

6. Refill the meditation pot with hot water, replacing the volume of liquid just served.  This step when mastered will keep the tea at the right strength and temp over the course of the session.

7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 as long as you like. 



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