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An amazing value for this quality Raw Pu-erh. 

This is a truly remarkable offer. This tea has been aging, waiting to be steeped for 12 years. We felt like now is the time to share it with our fellow tea lovers. You can steep the tea over and over.  The tea has a special sweetness.  It's the sweet that borders bitter. Is it sweet? Or is it bitter? Tell us what you think after you taste it.  A true sticky rice sweetness, light hay, a touch of alfalfa.

We are filling each $40 dollar order in a VO1 teapot.  Great just for you or as a gift. 


Free VO Pot with purchase of $60 dollars of loose leaf tea or daily drinker membership.

We want more people to get the most delicious cup out of each pour.  The VO Pot lets you measure, pour and clean with ease. Move with ease, the VO handle is comfortable. Glass allows you to see into the steep, to watch the leaves unfold.  Colors emerge from the tea as it steeps, making it dynamic looking in the light. This teapot is an ideal companion for the daily drinker and the occasional vintage pour. Only 100 VO Pots currently in stock, when it sells out this offer will be over.  

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