by Taylor Drye September 16, 2017


Even after being told by locals there were no organic farms in the area we weren’t convinced, so we went exploring. We were extremely lucky after searching for several days, we found an organic tea garden on the back side of Pear Mtn. It is so remote that it would have been impossible to reach without the use of 4 wheel drive, 5 people told us to turn back.

Fortune was upon us when we arrived to meet a Jovial Buddhist Nun, who cultivated this blessed tea garden. I am going to go out on Limb and say this garden, this Nun, this material may be the best we have ever found in our 7 years of sourcing from the region.

The most important thing in sourcing is finding a producer who understands soil fertility and is opposed to petrol chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Someone who shares the same values, people who care about people and the earth winning. Our partners in Li-Shan are nothing short of that, people, who are truly committed to the craft and preserving our precious earth.

This farm is surrounded by a high mountain pine rainforest, which acts as a barrier to pesticides from other farms. Through testing, we found that of the 450+ chemicals used in agriculture 0 were found in this tea. This is truly a product of love.

This soil shows it, its pillowest, loamiest soil I have ever seen. The mountain is filled with slate, Li Shan has ultra mineral dense soil, high in calcium.

As a result of mineral quality, Li-Shan produces an Oolong tea on par with the best Rieslings that are in the world. It's ultra mineral dense, with a citric quality to the tea, giving it a deep finish. Some adjectives to describe it are crisp, fresh, clean and elevating. I have been drinking it every day, it is refreshing and cooling in this tropical climate.

This year had strange weather, which was lucky for us. This trip was serendipitous, we arrived on the final day of the winter harvest, only 1 of 4 days that the harvest takes place. We were able to engage the farmer, producer and tea master who made this tea happen. We were able to see to see the entire grow and production of the tea. It was a beautiful combination of fate and serendipity.

This is tea we are really excited to offer here at Mad Monk. It is an Oolong, that can be held and compared the best and most classical of all Oolong found in the world. If you have the desire to taste the creme de la creme of Oolongs this is the chance for you.

We will continue to work with the producer for seasons to come. We intend to make this Oolong a flagship product here at MadMonk. This precious tea practice must continue.

This special offer is a one-time offering of the 2017 autumn harvest, Li-Shan Oolong and its one of kind. This particular varietal will never be the same. Now is the time to secure this precious delight.

Thank you to those who purchase. Not only are you getting amazing tea, you are protecting the precious environment in which comes. A better pour is better for you and better for the planet.

Let's pour together!

much love,


Taylor Drye
Taylor Drye

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