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This is What We Stand For

We believe the best teas on earth are not only delicious but also grown in harmony with nature. We think the way to make agricultural products better is to invest in the earth that they grow from.

Our History


Better Trees Make Better Teas

At Mad Monk Tea our proprietary secrets are talented farmers and healthy soil. Every tea that you purchase from Mad Monk supports the movement away from the outdated degenerative farming practices and towards sustainable regenerative ones.

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- How It Works -

Buy a Tea, Plant a Tree

You drink the best teas on earth, we handle the rest.

Steps to making better trees: Proper Planting, Forest Fertilized, Better Soil, Deeper Roots, Hand Picked

Find out what makes the best teas on earth!

- We're Creating -

A Lasting Impact

If you work on something that can be finished this lifetime, you're thinking too small.


Every dollar we spend supports local farmers and investing in better growing techniques.

Regenerate Better Soil

Dramatically increase the amount of minerals in plants making them healthier to consume.

1 Trillion Trees

One mature tree can offset 48 pounds of carbon every year.