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GABA Medium Roast Organic Oolong
GABA Medium Roast Organic Oolong
GABA Medium Roast Organic Oolong

GABA Medium Roast Organic Oolong

Sweet & Malty



A new take on our best selling Oolong,  GABA “Sweet roast”.  The longer roasting brings out a whole new character of deep nourishing grain notes and a sweet golden raisin like finish.  This mellow, easy to drink tea is great for any time day or night.

Notes: Honey, Toasted Grains, Golden Raisin

100 grams (about 20 cups)

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GABA Medium Roast Organic Oolong

Sweet & Malty


Grown by Mr. Wu and perfected by Mrs. Chen this tea is the synthesis of an expert tea farmer and a world class tea roaster.  Leaning on the wisdom of three generations of tea roasters,  Mrs. Chen bakes the tea for an extra 20 hours giving it new and dynamic layers of complexity and sweetness.


We have found a second home in MingJian.  The humble are of central Taiwan is home to some of the world's most delicious Oolong teas.

How to Prepare Oolong Teas

5 Grams

Put roughly one table spoon into infuser.

205° F

Heat fresh (preferably filtered) water.


Pour water over tea.

5 Min

Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor

3 Steeps

Re-steep leaves to enjoy multiple infusions

We believe tea is more than just a beverage

At Monk Monk we are on a quest to bring you the most delicious teas from around the world. We believe in order to do that, we must care for the environment, invest in regenerative agriculture, and work with artisans at the pinnacle of their craft.

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