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Taste something amazing

An amazing tea you can drink everyday. 

"In ten years I have sampled 1000's of cups of tea. Pear Mountain is my top recommendation for those new to tea or seasoned tea lovers." - Taylor Drye, Founder of Mad Monk Tea.  

This tea tastes bright, clean, crisp and refreshing. Each steeping gets better, bringing out more flavor. Harvested in 2017 from Lishan Mountain in Taiwan.

  • 50 grams = 12 16oz pots, plus 5 - 7 steepings each pot
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. 

12 Servings for $35


Enjoy daily

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  • Organic. No chemical pesticides or fertilizers found in this tea
  • No jitters. Drinking this tea makes you feel both calm and awake.
  • Sourced directly from Organic Artisan Farmers
  • After thousands of cuppings of different teas this is one of our favorites.
  • If you not satisfied just ask for a refund.
  • Enjoy a a crisp, refreshing, energy filled tea that never tastes bitter.

Savor Pear Mountain Oolong Today.