Awesome 8

Sun Moon Lake
Time: Morning + Daytime

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Rich & Fruity



This luscious red tea is a powerhouse.  Bold malt and chocolate flavors are delivered in a caramel-like sweetness. This finish reminds us of strawberry fruit leather. An elevated black tea reminiscent of the best Asam’s, excellent with milk but balanced enough to stand alone.

Notes:Buttered Caramel, Malt Chocolate, Strawberry

100 grams (20 servings)





Not your grannies cup of black tea!



Awesome 8 red tea is the love child of our commitment to sustainable agriculture and our pursuit for the perfect morning black tea.  Secluded in pristine gardens, deep in the country of the famed Yuchi township of Sun Moon Lake, this remarkably clean tea is hand picked, and processed in peak of summer by a world class producer.



Sun Moon Lake is located literally in the heart of the Taiwanese Central Mountain range.  This terroir is the reigning champ of red tea production in Taiwan.