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It's not about the tea.

For many, tea is an integral part of daily existence. We love that simple leaf for its stimulating properties, for its dynamic, seemingly endless range of flavors, and for its immaculate health benefits.  With all that said, I think the real gift of tea has nothing whats so ever to do with the tea itself. To be more specific, it is not the tea but how we approach it that makes all the difference. At the heart of every tea experience, is an opportunity for appreciation. 

Just like great wine or coffee, a lot of love goes into the production of good tea.  The long beautiful history behind the leaf, the skill of the craftsman, and the intriguing flavors and aromas are all there to be enjoyed.  Even beyond that, there is the setting where you have your tea, an outdoor vista, a quite tea house, by the fire on a crisp winters night, in cafe with friends. The people who share tea with you also provide an opportunity for appreciation.  Whether making new friends through tea, or catching up with old ones, few things are as conducive to good conversation, and will draw people together like a warm pot of tea.  As a friend of mine once said "Tea is the sword that cuts people together."

It seems to me that it is the possibility, the potential for a known or perhaps spontaneous joy that draws us to tea.  For many, the art of appreciation and gratitude is a lost art. Appreciation is one of our greatest joys in life. Expressing our excitement about our existence and experience is well, about as good as it gets!  What better to place as an object of appreciation than tea. Tea is healthy, consumed daily, and often involves your friends. 

To me, it's not really about the tea, but the daily opportunity to be grateful for the simple things life, for our earth, and our friends.






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