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October is here and as the summer is winding down and the weather cooling we are proud to be serving you Brother of the Forest.  This tea is the second tea in a pair of siblings that began with last months Sister of the Forest.  If you still have a little of last months tea this is a great chance to explore how much processing can affect tea as they are both from the same farm and same harvest. Enjoy!

Brother of the Forest origin: 

  • October 2017
  • Brother of the Forest
  • Wild Black Tea
  • 2,200 Meters Lincang, Yunnan, China

As with lasts months tea this months tea was produced specifically for the tea club.  It is an experimental white tea harvested from wild tea in a remote part of Yunnan China. We buy the raw material from teas growing in at 2,100 meters in a completely natural state.  This tea is a perfect example of the amazingly nourishing and energizing quality that can be found in expertly crafted naturally grown tea.

Tasting notes about this months tea:

As with many Yunnan black teas, this is an amazing breakfast/morning tea.  Rich smooth malts and sweet dark cherry notes make is all too easy, and addicting, to drink at the start of your day.

For brewing suggestions watch our Black Video at: 


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