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by Taylor Drye October 26, 2017

This past weekend we took a field trip out to the Anza Borrego Desert state park.  Borrego is a place I have been coming too since I was a young boy.  It's a harsh and stark environment that is also amazingly beautiful.  I have recently become addicted to Sunsets, and there are few places more beautiful to catch a sunset than Fonts point in the heart of the state park.  It is an ancient place, the remnants of a seawall once under water, now a cliff overlooking a seemingly endless desert. 


Tea for me has always been a medium of connection.  It links me to people, places and times but perhaps its greatest act of connection is the way in which it bonds me to nature.  The more tea I drink, the more I am called to nature, not just to find good tea and to understand the tea plant, but to nature in general.  I have come to discover that there are few pleasures greater than sharing a cup of tea in the heart of nature.  
I use a simple set up, and I tend to favor pre-boiling my water and bringing it out in a thermos. You don't need much just some hot water, a pot, a few cups and some leaves.  Radically simple, is out motto after all.  I try not to make too much of a fuss about it, and it is just nice to have some tea, it doesn't have to be too fancy.
We go out into nature and to watch the sunset for a lot of the same reasons we drink tea. To experience something healthy and wholesome, something delicious and unique, and balance our emotions and spirit.  We go out into nature to connect, with each other, ourselves and hopefully this beautiful garden planet we call home. 
Taylor Drye
Taylor Drye

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