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The beauty of tea (and life) is in sharing it with others.  For all of us who have had this experience we know it to be one of our most fulfilling simple pleasures. For in sharing tea, we share our lives.  Many afternoons have been spent in a quiet peaceful place, sitting and talking of life’s joys and sorrows over tea.  There is no surprise why it has become a sacred ritual in many cultures, a celebration of the beauty of life, nature, and the company of friends. In these quiet, peaceful moments, the mind settles, and true beauty of existence is revealed.  

Learning to brew tea is like learning create your own sunset's.

At a deep level, the art and evolution of tea is the art of creating a beautiful moment.  Beautiful moments have the same perfume.  For it is in those spaces, free from the worries of the world, one can recharge.  How wonderful it is to simply sit and be!

The evolution of tea is therefore an evolution in the conscious creation of such moments. 

There is a saying "How you do one thing is how you do everything".  When we take time out of our day to consciously create a beautiful moment for ourselves and others magic happens.  We are all capable of creating such a moment and what fruit could be sweeter than sharing its positive vibes with yourself and others!  As more and more of us give ourselves the gift of enjoying and sharing a simple cup of tea, the more peace will emanate into this world. This is the evolution tea, the flowering or blossoming of its full potential.



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